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What should a doctor do when a patient requests that his life be terminated? Under what circumstances may organs be transplanted? Are autopsies permissible? The Torah Physician addresses these issues and more. Each month we will present the Torah approach to the medical, ethical, and halachic (Jewish legal) ramifications of current dilemmas brought about by the advances of modern medicine.

We have chosen the Internet as the vehicle for The Torah Physician to facilitate the free exchange of ideas on areas of medical ethics and halacha. We hope to publish this exchange in the "Doctor’s Forum." We invite any comments, questions, or points of information. We will attempt to include as many appropriate comments as space permits.

We wish to emphasize that the purpose of The Torah Physician is to increase awareness of the Torah approach to current halachic and ethical issues in medicine. For a definitive halachic ruling, one must consult a competent rabbinical authority. For further assistance in this matter, The Torah Physician may be contacted.

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