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A Jerusalem-based program designed to help explain through the timeless
outlook of the Torah, what we are living for, and how we can find more meaning
in life. This program explores a wide range of topics concerning today's society,
and how we can find our place and fulfillment in it.

Addressing questions such as:

bullet.jpg (3028 bytes) How do we see G-d's existence in our world today?

bullet.jpg (3028 bytes) Why does society run the way that it does in our day?

bullet.jpg (3028 bytes) How does Judaism view me as a person?

bullet.jpg (3028 bytes) How can I utilize my potential to the fullest? What about my drawbacks?

bullet.jpg (3028 bytes) What does Judaism say about controlling stress?

bullet.jpg (3028 bytes) What is the Torah's approach towards the technological advancement that we see today?

bullet.jpg (3028 bytes) What does the Torah say about male/female relationships?


The program takes on somewhat of a personal approach, and the readers can feel free to write back as often as they wish. Questions on Judaic law (Halachah) and matters of vital concern; however, should be sent to "Dear Rabbi".

Each month there will be new articles on various topics of discussion.   If the reader feels he has something to add, the author will be happy to hear from him.

Questions and responses can be sent by e-mail to  Please state your level of observance so that the author can answer you on a more personal level.

It is hoped that the reader will gain from this program.

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