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Nidah 72

1) Beis Shamai say that a woman who sees on the eleventh day of Zivus, is Metam'ah - even Mishkav u'Moshav. They also say that, should she have had relations with her husband, they are both Chayav a Korban .

(a) What do Beis Hillel hold, and why?

(b) Why do Beis Hillel say 'Peturim min ha'Korban', and not 'Tehorim'?

(c) What is the Din according to Torah law, if they had Tashmish on the following day, and she saw blood afterwards?

(a) What decree did Shamai make in the previous case, and why?

(b) And what do Beis Hillel say to that?

(c) What is the Din if the woman Toveled the night after seeing in the middle of the eleven days, and then had Tashmish with her husband - but did not see the next day?

'Tavlah be'Yom shel Acharav, ve'Shamshah, Harei Zeh Tarbus Ra'ah'.
(d) What are the ramifications of this statement?
(a) What is the effect of a Zav during the eleven days, Toveling the night after he has his first sighting?

(b) What is the difference between this case, and that of a woman who sees blood on the eleventh day, and Tovels on the following night, according to Beis Hillel - Why the difference?

Beis Shamai tried to insist that if, on the night after the eleventh, they are Tamei, then they should also be Chayav a Korban.
(c) How did Beis Hillel throw this Kashya back at Beis Shamai?
(a) What does Rav Huna say about Tum'as Mishkav u'Moshav of a Shomeres Yom ke'Neged Yom - according to Beis Shamai?
Rav Yosef brings a proof for Rav Huna, from our Mishnah, where Beis Shamai declares a woman and her husband Tamei, to be Metamei Mishkav u'Moshav, if the woman saw on the twelfth day, after she Toveled and was Meshamesh.
(b) What is the proof , and why did Rav Yosef not pay any attention to Rav Kahana's objection to it?

(c) How does Abaye explain Rav Kahana's objection?

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5) If a Zav sees one sighting of Zov, Beis Hillel (in a Mishnah in Zavin) give him the Din of someone who sees Keri.

(a) What are the ramifications of this ruling?
Beis Shamai say there that the first sighting of a Zav has the Din of a Shomeres Yom ke'Neged Yom. And in a Beraisa, they explain that a Zav, in his first sighting, is a Safek, also as regards Mishkav u'Moshav.
(b) How does Abaye attempt to disprove Rav Yosef from here?

(c) How does the Gemara refute Abaye's Kashya?

(a) Why are we more stringent by the woman, to be Metam'ah her, even as regards her Mishkav u'Moshav, than we are by her Bo'eil, whose Mishkav and Moshav are not Tamei?

(b) And why is a Shomeres Yom, Metam'ah her Mishkav and Moshav, but not her Bo'eil?

(c) According to Rav Huna, who is the author of the Seifa of our Mishnah, which states that, if, during the eleven days, they are Meshamesh the day after she saw, and after she Toveled, they are a Safek ('u'Maga'an u'Be'ilasan Safek)?

With regard to the last case, Beis Shamai said to Beis Hillel (in a Beraisa), Do you only call this 'Tarbus Ra'ah'? Did he not deliberately have Bi'ah with a Nidah?'
(d) What did he really mean to say?
7) Rebbi Yochanan considers the tenth like the ninth, Resh Lakish considers it like the eleventh.
(a) What does this mean?

(b) What is the basis of their Machlokes?

(a) What does Rebbi Akiva learn from two extra words "ba'Shemen ba'Shemen", written in connection with the Challes and the wafer loaves of the Korban Todah?

(b) Why does Rebbi Elazar ben Azaryah disagree with him?

(c) Besides the Din of a quarter of a Lug of oil for a Nazir's rehabilitation ceremony, which other Halachah is included in this group of Halachos le'Moshe mi'Sinai?

(a) What is the *one Halachah* in which the eleventh day differs from the other days according to Rebbi Yochanan?

(b) And what are the *two Halachos*- according to Resh Lakish?

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