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Nidah 27


(a) When does one not connect the Shilya with the baby that is born, even though the baby is not a Nefel?
The Gemara records that they connected a Shilya with the baby after as long as twenty-three days, and that one of two twins remained inside the mother's womb for thirty-three days.
(b) What is the problem with that double-statement?

(c) How does the Gemara resolve the problem?

(a) What does Rebbi Meir hold regarding a Shilya lying in a room?

(b) What do Rebbi Shimon and his colleagues hold, and what do they ask on Rebbi Meir?

(c) What does he answer?

(a) What reason do they give to explain Rebbi Shimon, and what did Rav Papa ask that made them laugh?

(b) How did Rav Papa explain himself?

4) The Shiur Rekev (rot or decay) of a corpse is a Melo Tarvad.
(a) What does this mean?
According to Rebbi Shimon, it is not Metamei, if a speck of dust falls into it.
(b) Why can the reason for this not be because it becomes Bateil in the dust?
Rebbi Shimon in fact, learns that it is because of 'Sofo ki'Techilaso'.
(c) What does this mean?

(d) What do Chazal come to exclude when they say that the Din of Rekev is confined to a corpse, and what is the reason for this?

Answers to questions



(a) Why do Rebbi Shimon and the Rabbanan need to repeat their Machlokes by Me'lo Tarvad of corpse-dust which was scattered around the room.
'Me'lo Tarvad ve'Od Afar Beis-ha'Kevaros, Tamei.
(b) What does this mean and what is the reason for it?

(c) What does Rebbi Shimon hold in this matter?

(a) What does Rebbi Eliezer ben Ya'akov say in the case of a species of large animal which discharged a cake of blood?

(b) If it is not Metamei, because it is not considered a baby, why then, is one obligated to bury it?

(c) Why is it not Metamei, and what is the connection between Rebbi Eliezer ben Ya'akov's Din and that of Rebbi Shimon by Shilya?

(d) What reason does Rebbi Yochanan give to explain Rebbi Shimon, who says that the mother of the Shilya found in the room is nevertheless Temei'ah Leidah?

(a) How does Resh Lakish hold regarding a baby that is born in the form of a Shefir mixed with its water, and why?

(b) How would he infer this from the Din of a corpse that was burnt, but its shape was still intact?

In the previous case of the burnt corpse, Rav Yitzchak Magdela'ah cited an incident where they declared all the doors of more than four Tefachim Tamei, and all the doors of less than four Tefachim Tahor.
(c) What are the ramifications of the latter Halachah?

(d) How did Rebbi Yochanan infer from there a Halachah that will refute that of Resh Lakish?

8) Rebbi Yochanan, in whose opinion a burnt corpse is Tamei even if it falls apart, holds like Rebbi Eliezer.
(a) What does Rebbi Eliezer say?

(b) How is it possible for a burnt corpse to remain intact?

Answers to questions

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