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Nidah 18


(a) Why does Rebbi Chiya differentiate between the floor of the Perozdor and the roof, when the blood is found from the Lul and within - according to the opinion of Rami bar Shmuel and Rav Yitzchak b'rei d'Rav Yehudah?

(b) Why can we not reconcile Abaye with Rebbi Chiya in the same manner?

2) Rebbi Yochanan lists three cases (exclusively) where Chazal gave a Rov the Din of Vaday: 'Mekor' (our case - like Rebbi Chiya), 'Shilya' and 'Chatichah'. What is the case of...


(c) What do all three cases have in common, that make them Vaday?

(a) In the case of 'Tesha Chanuyos', what are Kavu'a and Nimtza (Parush), and how do their Dinim differ?

(b) What does the Gemara ask on RebbiYochanan from the Beraisa of 'Tesha Chanuyos'?

(c) What is the answer?

(a) What is the Din by 'Tesha Tzefarde'in ve'Sheretz Echad Beineihem', both in a Reshus ha'Yachid and in a Reshus ha'Rabim?

(b) If the above Din applies to Kavua, what will be the Din by Nimtza, and why?

(c) Why is there no Kashya on Rebbi Yochanan from this Beraisa?

(d) Why is there no Kashya on Rebbi Yochanan from Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi, who says that if a woman miscarries whilst crossing a river, she is obligated to bring a Korban, which the Kohen eats (even though one cannot be certain that she gave birth to a baby which requires a Korban)?

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5) Ravin failed to understand what the Kashya on Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi was from a certain Beraisa.
Why can we not explain what he said to mean that, not only is there no disproof from the Beraisa, but there is even a proof?


(a) Why does Rebbi Meir say that the piece of dough in the hand of a child who is playing next to a large dough, is Tahor?
The Chachamim declare the dough Tamei - Vaday Tamei, according to Resh Lakish quoting Rav Oshaya.
(b) What does Rebbi Yochanan say, and what does the Gemara prove from this statement?

(c) Which case then does Rebbi Yochanan mean to exclude, when he lists exclusively three cases where they made Rov like Vaday?

7) According to Rav Yehudah Amar Shmuel, Rebbi Yehudah only renders the woman Temei'ah, when the piece of flesh resembles one of the four colors of Tamei blood.
(a) What does Rebbi Yochanan say about that?

(b) How does the Gemara explain their Machlokes?

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