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Horayos 14

HORAYOS 12-14 - One week of study material has been dedicated by Mrs. Rita Grunberger of Queens, N.Y., in loving memory of her husband, Reb Yitzchok Yakov ben Eliyahu Grunberger. Irving Grunberger helped many people quietly in an unassuming manner and is dearly missed by all who knew him. His Yahrzeit is 10 Sivan.

THE GRAND SIYUM OF SEDER NEZIKIN - dedicated by Rabbi Ari and Esther Maryles of Chicago in memory of his great forebears, Rebbi Shimon Maryles, the Rebbe of Yoruslav/Jaroslaw (1761- 1851), Rebbi Naftali Maryles, the Rebbe of Litovisk (1828-1890), and their many descendants who lived their lives, and gave their lives, Al Kidush Hashem (see upcoming biography of the Maryles family).

1) [line 1] SHE'MEIMEIHEM ANU SHOSIM - whose water we drink (i.e. who Torah teachings we live by)

2) [line 5] "HA'OYEIV TAMU, CHARAVOS LA'NETZACH" - "The enemy is destroyed, but the destruction [he wrought] is everlasting." (Tehilim 9:7)

3) [line 6] D'AHANU MA'ASAIHU - their deed were effective
4) [line 10] D'ANVESANA HU - who was a very humble person
5) [line 10] "AMAR REBBI MEIR" LO AMAR - he (Rebbi) did not say, "Rebbi Meir said" (when he quoted a teaching in the name of Rebbi Meir)

6) [line 11] SINAI ADIF - a person with such an encyclopedic knowledge of Torah that it is as if he received it from Mount Sinai, is preferable

7) [line 11] OKER HARIM ADIF - a person with such a profound reasoning ability that it is as if he is able to uproot mountains with this power, is preferable

8) [line 13] MAREI CHITAYA - one who possesses wheat; i.e. a person who knows many Mishnayos and Beraisos

9) [line 13] MALACH RABAH - Rabah was appointed as the head of the Yeshiva
10) [line 14] AFILU UMNA L'VEISEI LO CHALIF - not even a blood-letter passed by his house (see Insights)

11) [line 15] V'HAVU TZERICHI REISHA - and they needed [to appoint someone as] a head of the Yeshiva

12) [line 15] KOL D'AMAR MILSA V'LO MAFRICH - whoever says something that is not refuted

13) [line 16] D'GAVAH REISHA - his (Abaye's) head was elevated (as a sign from heaven that he was destined to become the head of the Yeshiva)

14) [line 17] CHARIF U'MAKSHEH - sharply analytical and questioning, arriving at conclusive answers through his sharp scrutiny and questions

15) [line 17] MASUN U'MASIK - deliberate and methodical, arriving at conclusions based on his careful examinations



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